Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

  • Open to innovations and continuous improvement
  • Prioritizing efficiency
  • System oriented approach
  • Able to sustain high performance for a long time
  • Understanding the importance of colleagues and customers
  • Adopting the general policy and values of the company

Our aim is to recruit employees who can meet these criteria, to contribute to their personal, professional and career-oriented development, and to enable them to use the information they have gained in the most efficient way, in line with their potential and wishes.

Vision and Open Positions

Our company, which believes that the real resource is people, the value and honesty given to people, based on this principle, we continue our understanding of quality service without compromising.

If you believe that you are someone who desires to learn something new every day, who knows how to express themselves and take responsibility, who believes that understanding and communication lie in listening, who knows how to show gratitude and appreciation, who can accept their mistakes and come up with solutions, who is talented, hardworking, and open to development, then we invite you to take a role within Kama Motor Vehicles. Please send your detailed CV to